Volvo launches V40 Cross Country with motor Drive E

Volvo launches V40 Cross Country with motor Drive E

With a very adventurous design, Volvo automaker just released the model V40 country , whose novelty be the first car to be equipped with 2.0 liter Drive E, which comes powered with four-cylinder that generates 245 horsepower that It works in conjunction with a Geatronic eight-speed automatic transmission.

The production manager explains: ?With the new engine, the V40 Cross Country is more powerful and economical, it is a car back to the client who runs away from the commonplace and want a differentiated product to meet new paths without giving up of luxury, comfort and safety of a Volvo ?.

According to the automaker, the V40 Cross Country equipped with this new engine can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds, compared with its competitors, it is above average in this regard. As a novelty was installed a propellant making direct fuel injection, which triggers the system is a start / stop button.

Looking economy, ECO + system helps improve vehicle performance through a monitor, which automatically switches the engine off at speeds below 7 km / h is the displacement of the transmission at speeds greater than 65 km / h, to take advantage of better kinetic energy generated downhill or constant speeds.

To increase security, the vehicle owner can install the Safety package, which has warning system in blind spots, alert when the driver is tired, and an intelligent system that identifies pedestrians and signaling.