Quant F with electric motor can generate more than 1090 hp

Quant F with electric motor can generate more than 1090 hp

Headquartered in Liechtenstein, NanoFlowcell AG carmaker has just created a sporty electric car that was named Quant F. The car so potent that it can generate 1,090 horsepower, reaching the speed of 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds and reach a more potent electronically limited maximum 300 kh / h of the hybrid La Ferrari speed, having 963 horsepower and reaches a speed of 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

His first appearance will be in the next Geneva Motor Show, but still Quant F is not a production car, but the company expects that soon this will be resolved, since 100% of the exterior design has already been approved to run on the streets, but the interior only 90% was installed, leaving small details.

There are four electric motors, one for each wheel, this technology was inherited from the previous model How Much And technology won an upgrade and uses saltwater to move the engines, unlike other using treated water only.

The fuel storage capacity is 5oo liters, divided equally into two tanks, supply is similar to a gasoline-powered car, automatic transmission has only two speeds, which is a novel system.

The doors are opened up, the style ?seagull?, the vehicle has room for four people and a full four-wheel drive, a system developed to increase friction with the ground, thus increasing car safety when entering sharp curves.