FORD F -150 the best selling car in the United States 33 years ago

FORD F -150 the best selling car in the United States 33 years ago

The car More sold in the United States ( According to World?s Largest Vehicle Market ) , for 33 years , and NOT A truck . AND A pickup truck . Each year , 750,000 units of the Ford F -150 paragraph SAEM as Streets . Rouge , Unity in Detroit, are ? 320 per day , all sold ,? says with pride , a business guide to the Assembly Line in town- Ford headquarters . For the end of last year, Ford halted production of its largest and longest-lived success with the proposal to make an even better pickup . Speaking of new project or platform is little. Now F- 150 is made of aluminum .

The utility veteran lost more than 300 kg in total weight transferred to the load capacity. ?The biggest challenge was to produce aluminum in this high volume ,? said Matt Zaluzec , Ford ?s global research leader in materials. The challenge involved , for example , the exchange of industrial processes , such as ? stitching rivets ? in place of the solder.

Speaking of utility is too little, because the model in the top Platinum version offers assessed standard of finish and comfort that many cars do not reach . Starting the time to get on board : when the door is opened , a step slides quickly to facilitate boarding the pickup of 1.96 m, and is collected in sequence. There is also a retractable step on the back cover for easy access to the hopper.

The internal space in the 4×4 assessed double cabin is spacious for five adults staying without tightening to the legs or shoulders. There are air conditioning vents and taken 110 v front and back . Rear seat side of the seat belts are inflatable , a kind of airbag .

Visibility , favored by the glass and large rear area , is very good. But the F -150 also has panoramic camera showing the front , side and what is behind , going confidence in time to maneuver the vehicle 6.4 meters long and 2.45 wide.

The steering with electric assistance is need, or light or heavy , and the pedals. A huge gauntlet triggers the automatic gearbox six-speed , smooth and efficient exchanges. The V8 5.0 engine of 390 horsepower ( at 5,750 rpm) and 53.5 lb.-ft. of torque ( 3,850 rpm) left during the evaluation , with strong responses to the slightest pressure on the accelerator.

In conduction expressed streets and roads of Dearborn, near Detroit, the dynamic behavior of the truck did not report the use of aluminum in the body . Although the path has been short , without greater obstacles than pavement seams , with curves and accelerations permitted by local traffic , the model (no load ) showed good longitudinal and lateral stability .

The F -150 pickup truck has starting price of $ 25,800 in the US, the XL version. Platinum double cab 4×4 valued part of $ 54,700 . According to Ford, there are no plans to import.