Everything about the Kia Bongo

Everything about the Kia Bongo

In South America, especially in Brazil, the Kia utility is available in at least three versions imported K2500 and K2700 4 × 4 and K2700 4 × 4 Double Cab, and in total these versions are offered in no fewer than nine configurations, in single or dual formation, plus an exclusive 4×4 double cab version with prices starting from U $ 18,900 and can reach even the U $ 20,400.

Meet some details of Kia Bongo, the model that is very successful in the market, especially for all his versatility as well as high strength and affordability.

The model Kia Bomgo has at least two engine options, and the version is K 2500 provides a reliable engine 2.5 turbo diesel with indirect injection, able to develop at least 94 horsepower and 22 maximum torque of Nm, this is a version which has a simple and double wheels.

While the K 2700 version includes an engine of 2.7 aspirated diesel with direct injection design that is older, it earns an equivalent of 83 horses and torque of 17.8 Nm at most. Remember that this engine versions only team that has traction 4 x 4.

On the capabilities of Kia Bongo.

As the PBT Kia Bongo model is 3250 kg, this is framed by Brazilian law as a type of light commercial vehicle or truck, and not as a truck. In other words, this fact allows Kia?s little truck?s drivers can be enabled only in category B, and Bongo can carry over into enclosed areas for trucks, not passing in balance, and transiting road as a passenger vehicle and not as a truck.

The Kia Bongo K 2500 has a load capacity of 1560 kg including your body weight. Regardless of their body weight, the Bongo shall have up to 1812 kg of cargo in the version with single formation, and at least 1790 kg with a dual wheels.

In the bong K model 2700 4 x 4 wills also the same 1,530 kg, but PBT is equivalent to 3,250 kg in versions with single shot, and 3.160 kg in the version with double wheels, while the switch with double cab should have a PBT of 3260 kg.

The maximum pulling capacity of Bongo CMT is 4345 kg in single-cab version, and 4,380 in double occupancy.