Audi A4 that should reach the market by 2018 is even curve alone

Audi A4 that should reach the market by 2018 is even curve alone

The current generation of medium large sedate premium A4 never had a major highlight to the front its rivals. If the consumer of this type of car seek performance or driveability that eventually choosing the BMW 3 Series, and the way the model still had its update properly presented at the IAA, and began to be manufactured in Brazil by the end of the year but is imported a large success.

The new generation of the executive sedan tried to change the whole outlook and arrived in Brazil in the first quarter of 2016 from this, if Audi plans are confirmed, it may have soon an interesting vehicle in the market. At the beginning there will be only one engine made specifically for Brazil, and it is a 2.0 TFSI engine of 220 horsepower, which will also be used properly to this equivalent power in Q3 manufactured also in Brazil.

The new generation must rely on an old engine.

Know that in Europe this new A4 should count on a whole new range of engines gasoline, starting with 1.4 of 152 horses (25.5 Nm of torque) and goes to the 2.0 with 192 hp (32.63 Nm) or 255 hp (37.72 Nm). And of course to deliver a power of a V6 engine, the new two-liter engine calibrations promises a variable intake between 16-20 km / l. It is an excellent brand.

Unfortunately still follows secret the price of the new A4, but many sources close to the manufacturer they point out that the expanded technology package should change a bit throughout the current level of prices, these dangling around $ 35 thousand, but you can expected values between R $ 140,000 and up to R $ 150 in early versions of the vehicle, in Brazil.

The steering wheel can expect the complete evolution of the brand.

Although the first images show a good-looking car with the current, analyzing the new A4 closely model reveals an interesting and rather different. The fly then evolution is something undeniable, the vehicle now has 4.72 meters in length with spaces wheelbase 2.82 meters favoring the shoulders and head in front of passengers while who goes after he has clenched knees.

The model accelerates, frea and parks, even bends alone, with this we have an era commercial cars that will one day walk alone.